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E3qlha virtual incubator

E3qlha Incubator is the first virtual incubator licensed by the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority in the Kingdom to contribute to the development of emerging and medium enterprises in all aspects of the project, financial, legal, administrative, marketing and all regulations and legislation at the hands of specialized consultants working to establish projects with high efficiency, which will contribute to converting your idea to a project or expanding the scope of your project Existing and promoting it in record time and high efficiency.


Incubation phases

A multidisciplinary creative team with long experience in building projects, supporting and developing facilities. We work to assist in continuous growth and development and to find innovative solutions through several services provided with perfection.

Administrative aspects and project establishment (Developing the business model/conducting market research/studying competitors)

At this stage of the incubation, we play our part in developing the business model, and we do studies of the labor market, as well as competitors to identify weaknesses and strengths points to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Marketing aspects and market study (Marketing plan and social media management)

We develop innovative marketing plans and strategies that have been developed according to the needs of the work environment, and then use them in managing various social media channels.

Financial aspects (Financial statements / Accounting system / Costing and pricing)

At this stage of the incubator, we give you visualization about the financial matters of your project, and how you can determine the cost of each part of it, starting with production costs, all the way to how to price your product.

Legal aspects (Licenses / Business records / Contracts / Legal regulations)

In our incubator, we not only care about providing you with the basic data package that you need to expand your project, but we also care about protecting you legally by extracting licenses, records, and concluding and drafting contracts in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Legislation, regulations, and project governance (Regulatory regulations / Requirements / Organizational structure / Operational structure)

This part of the incubator helps in raising awareness of the most important legislation and regulations related to project governance, whether it is related to regulations, requirements, administrative structure, or the organization of the operational structure, so that the entrepreneur is fully aware of the legal part of his project.

Development of applications and e-commerce (Optional stage introduced for digital projects)

This part of the incubator service provides the development of stores and special applications, which are designed to meet the needs of the project owner and his customers as an indispensable marketing tool.

Business identity development

And because the commercial identity is one of the important parts of defining your brand, E3qlha has been keen to provide a service to develop commercial identities in line with the nature of your brand.

The stages vary depending on the project's needs

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Incubator services

A feasibility study

marketing plan

A development plan

Financial plans

A risk management plan and project governance

Specialized consulting services are available for various areas of entrepreneurship

ntegrating with a cloud-based accounting

Legal and administrative services

Developing a brand identity

Linking point of sale

(Online store/Electronic application/Retail store/Website)

Offering discounts on coworking spaces

Designing virtual workspaces

Experts and Consultants

Through a selection of consultants specializing in various fields and with long experience in business development, they provide you with the incubation stages and work to develop your project with expertise and efficiency