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Programs and operation of accelerators and incubators

In a supportive environment for investment and entrepreneurship, we work to operate business incubators and accelerators in all sectors. Our approach to operating incubators is based primarily on consulting and practical experience in investment opportunities and sustainable project development. Our management and operation services for business incubators and accelerators include: integrated operation and management of business incubators and accelerators that align with global best practices; consultancy and provision of innovative incubation models and programs for entrepreneurs and startups in various fields and sectors; development of business models, performance indicators, and development programs for entrepreneurs and startups; provision of feasibility studies; and management of workshops, camps, and events.

Programs and operation of accelerators and incubators

A multidisciplinary creative team with long experience in building projects, supporting and developing facilities. We work to assist in continuous growth and development and to find innovative solutions through several services provided with perfection.

Running Training Programmes​ and incubators

In cooperation with the General Establishment for Irrigation in the Al-Ahsa region, we built and operated an incubator for agricultural projects. The fields of projects varied, as they addressed some problems and facilitated work in agriculture, poultry, water and agricultural lands.

Training camps and Hackathon

The My Store initiative and camp have been activated in cooperation with the Prince Majid bin Abdulaziz Association, which targets owners of emerging and small projects to establish in electronic commerce and provide consultations and periodic follow-up to ensure their progress

Training leaders and competencies

With the aim of empowering the young generation, we have built an incubator that qualifies children to adopt creative thinking, solve problems, and design a model for innovation of their own making, in cooperation with the Design Thinking Studio.

Program Digital Transformation Program

We have rehabilitated 30 projects of secondary school students and incubated them in the Vision Generation Program, while providing many workshops, applications and personal consultations.

Qualification programs for quality certificates

“ISO9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 2000, ISO 2701” We have qualified many entities, including the Ministry of Transport, by qualifying them for the ISO certificate and providing advisory, administrative, development and training services characterized by a scientific and applied dimension.

Business administration and entrepreneurship programs

(Management accountant certificates; financial modeling; marketing; governance and risk management; qualification for innovation management 360)

Our previous work in incubators

Agricultural projects incubator

University projects incubator

Digital projects incubator

Incubator for innovative children's projects

Incubator and accelerator of student projects

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